Cottage Services

Cottage Services

cottage-crewWe provide general property management: rentals; inspection and cleaning between rentals; all season security and yard services.

Other rental agents work from their office, mainly on the net. Cottage owners are responsible for changeover inspections and cleaning. Or the previous renter is relied upon to leave things as they found it -including carrying stinky garbage home in their cars and running to town to fill the propane tank

Cottage owners have to travel many hours on their summer weekends to check and clean their cottages – or hire someone to do it for them. Owners may enjoy the extra income from renting but are discouraged by the bother involved.

It is our concept to offer a complete cottage property service so that all you need to do is receive the cheque.

We have or can set up crews in any area in southern Ontario that we offer rentals. We can manage rentals from anywhere – and someday we hope to be able to offer the changeover cleaning service in your area too.

The Cottage Crew changeover service includes:

  • Thorough cottage changeover inspections
  • An inspection report to cottage owners
  • Minor repairs and maintenance as required
  • Changeover cleaning inside and out
  • BBQs cleaned, propane tanks filled
  • Changeover yard work, grass cutting and cleanup
  • All season security checks

Other services offered:

  • Cottage opening and closings
  • Tree removal
  • Firewood
  • Brush clearing
  • Snow removal – roofs, driveways and sidewalks
  • Midweek cleaning service
  • Contract and supervision of specialized trades people for Major repairs and maintenance
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