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New owners at Windrovers
January 2012

Windrovers Rentals and Cottage Property Management went into business in 2007 and attended its first Cottage Life Show with one cottage on display. Thanks to lovely and energetic volunteers, we collected the names of 85 cottage owners interested in renting their cottages. From that list, we signed up 25 cottages. We entered the 2011 season with 45 private cottages and 2 resorts.

On January 26, 2012 Windrovers changed ownership. Debbie and her husband have owned and rented a cottage in the Haliburton area for 12 years. Debbie has worked in the cottage rental industry since 2001. Windrovers has a long term relationship with the new owners – since it went into business in 2007. Debbie and I have worked together at Trade Shows and advertised for Windrovers – as a result we have become good friends. Robert and I are very pleased to be turning Windrovers over to such eager, experienced and involved people!

We are confident that Windrovers will continue to grow and to develop long term relationships with cottage owners and renters. Debbie and her husband will take care of you at least as well as Elizabeth has in the past. She looks forward to your calls and emails. Give Debbie a call to find out what is involved in beginning to rent your cottage! Browse through Windrovers website to see the lovely cottages that we have to offer. Toll free number: 1 888 394 0947

Thank you from Elizabeth and Robert for making our business a success! We will remember these years building relationships with cottage owners and renters fondly and will look forward to hearing how everyone is doing when we speak with Debbie. Thank you for working and renting with Windrovers! We are motivated to succeed and will work hard to rent your cottages and to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. We look forward to building a relationship with cottage owners and renters and welcoming you to our community.

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